>From Adrenalin rushes to Adrenal Support

>There was a time, my children think circa, oh, land of the dinosaurs, when I sought out “rushes”…adrenalin rushes. I was bubbly, extroverted 99% of the time, rarely slept, couldn’t wait for the next moment. Of course, now that I have some letters after my name, I also know that I was running from something. At the time, when I was ignorant and fairly unharmed, life was so exciting and I had energy ALL THE TIME!

I’m going to jump time a bit today, much like a novel which goes back and forth between twenty-year periods, so try and keep up…if you’re tired, this might be a particularly good time to grab that second cup of coffee; this is sip-n-share.

In my life as a mom of tween/teens, I spend a great deal of time in the car. It’s an honor. I get to hear, smell (often delightful…sometimes not so much…better with the girls than the boys), and feel so much that it’s palatable. All these sensations throw me back into my own teen angst and memories much like Harry Potter falling into the Pensieve. Here’s a glimpse: “Did you get invited to the party?” “Yes!” “No…” “Oh…” “Oh my gosh, did you see how blank was like totally flirting with blank and she like totally freaked.” “Your hair is like so straight. I love it. What do you use?” “Oh my God, my hair got like so frizzy in P.E. today. Uhh!” “I’m starving!” “I hate my hair.” “She’s so skinny.” And on, and on, and on.  Are you having deja vu? Tell me about it…It’s like being in the twilight zone every day.

Take a minute and notice the energy and bank that. Also notice what they talked about and bank that…I know, I’m making you work. Go get another cup of coffee. I promise, it will all come together. And if it doesn’t, it’s totally the movie theater’s fault because it was too dark and when I was fishing around for my junior mints, my notes for this blog fell out!

If you are lucky, you have a friend that reaches back in time to that era of insanity called adolescence. I don’t mean a facebook friend; a real friend. I have one. I’m trying to be a bit light and whimsical, but you know me, I’m going to throw you a curve ball. We weren’t always the best of friends. We were thrown together via our mothers. It took her mother’s death (a woman we both dearly loved) to knit us together. Okay, back to the lighthearted…when we were thirteen, we went to England together with our mothers. We had all those teen conversations. In the small town we stayed in, the epic place to go was a rollerskating rink. We would spend hours perfecting our outfits (for the record, I’m pretty sure I wore strictly purple and bright yellow that entire trip…it was the 80s). We flirted, we, “Oh my goshed,” we obsessed over our weight, ached over first crushes, we really did war with our hair…come on, this generation has flat irons!

Never once did we talk about this: bodily functions (here’s the connection). Oh, well, except for one time when she threw up out the train window after mixing chocolate and orange juice and I said something like, “Are you okay?” She replied, “Uh, huh.” And we never spoke of it again until we were in our late thirties.

So here it is: I spent nearly an hour on the phone with this friend of mine in the parking lot of the Nugget grocery store last week, and here were the themes: coping with pain, migraines, adrenal support for stress, pro-biotics (can we just agree that we won’t talk about how abusive it is to start on high quality pro-biotics), lack of sleep, exercise and the lack of, how we can get our hair straight (will this ever cease!), and on and on and on until I finally said, “When did we get so old? Let’s go back to England and go to the Hippodrome!” Of course, I don’t even know if the Hippodrome nightclub still exists and the bouncers probably would think we’d come to collect our daughters. Plus, the loud music would give me a migraine and I’d really need adrenal support seeing all those young people dancing like strippers.

I’ve turned into my grandmother…I need a cup of tea.


3 thoughts on “>From Adrenalin rushes to Adrenal Support

  1. >Ah, yes, it takes me back…and oh how I would have loved a flat iron then!! A wise old man once said to me in a grocery store (while I was toting my first born toddler with me), "Children are what life is all about." He was so right 🙂

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