>No words…well, a few

>There are no words to explain what my brain and heart are holding for Japan. It’s a little like PTSD-ish. I’ve cried, wept, watched too much television, poured over the Internet searching for old friends. Later today I will re-join Facebook. You see, my husband and I once lived in Sendai, Japan for two years. I feel like a part of me has been ripped apart. I know that in a few short weeks, the cherry blossoms in Sendai will hang in the air like little fairies. Families, school clubs, companies, and churches would normally pour into parks and bring picnics, sit upon blankets, laugh, share, all for the joy of sitting beneath these trees to celebrate sakura matsuri–the return of another spring. This will not be so this year in Sendai or the neighboring communities. Instead, rubble, debris, death. It’s too much. It’s too much. It’s so incredibly sad. I want to thank my friends who have listened to my stories. I want to thank my church who is praying. I want to thank my children who have been compassionate, for I have been inattentive and highly distractable. I want to thank God for getting me in touch with my beloved friends in Sendai who are alright. I encourage all of those reading this to give…find a reputable organization (Clark Howard has a list on his website). The mission organization that sent us, the International Mission Board (imb.org), is also a reputable site. Thank you for letting me vent. Even in despair, I guess I always have words.


One thought on “>No words…well, a few

  1. >Susan, my prayers are for all those affected by the events in Japan, you and your family included. Thank you for pointing me toward reputable charitable organizations.

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