>Are you a nail biter? Nose picker?

>Now that I’ve got your attention, I have an assignment for you, fellow friends, writers, family members. I’m currently at work on deepening my characters for That Sounds Vaguely Familiar. To make my characters real, stand out, feel believable, I often borrow certain characteristics from people I’ve met. (Yes, if you read enough of my material, you might see something a little familiar…nothing too personal, though…I hope!)
Your assignment: Send me clips of habits you find annoying; your best day; your worst day; five words to describe yourself, your spouse, or a sibling; a funny story; your most embarrassing moment; a goal you’ve achieved; a secret, tucked away goal you hope to achieve (okay, it won’t be secret if it’s on the Internet, but…).
Get it? You never know, you could be contributing to the next best seller! As always, I cite a word of thanks in the beginning of my book to anyone who has helped, that is, unless you wish to remain ‘the anonymous nose picker’.


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