>I Can Still Cat Walk

>There’s something magical about sharing time with pre-adolescent girls who are dabbling in make-up, waking up to crushes, and in love with beautiful clothes. As I sit here in the quiet of the morning, sipping my Columbia di Kirkland, a smile spreads across my lips as I recall the night with my daughter and her best friend.

It could have been an ordinary sleep-over: late night snack, giggles, a warm evening swim, and time to myself. But then, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun…” While the girls swam, I dashed into my closet, grabbed a handful of stunning dresses I’ve worn to company Christmas dinners and black tie events, and darted up to our bonus room. I spread the dresses across the bed. I then combed through the “dresses that were”–my homecoming princess dress, a gorgeous black and white bridesmaid dress (no, seriously, I’m not even being sarcastic…it IS gorgeous…thank you, Marianna), and my all time favorite, the-long-slinky-red-dress of 1996!

I asked the girls to shower, then brought them upstairs. Their eyes widened and gasps filled the room as they surveyed the gowns, heaps of costume jewelry, and a sink full of make-up. Time to play dress-up!

There were giggles of delight, shudders of horror (okay, not every dress was to there liking), and verbalized dreams of future prom dates. But something was missing…

I flung open the door to the balmy August night, ran down the stairs, grabbed my iPod to find THE perfect song, and the real fun began. Strutting down the back deck to “I’m Too Sexy”, I taught my daughter and her friend the catwalk. Tears of hysteria rolled down my face at their attempts in heels and angry model faces. I clicked away as though the right shot would show up on the cover of Vogue next month. The best pics were of them bursting into laughter, falling into their little girl selves.

I think we 30, 40, 50 something-olds need to bust out and play more often. That little girl is in there with all her dreams, silliness, and lack of inhibitions. She gets ignored an awful lot. We women have a lot pulling at us, robbing us of our fun and spontaneity: jobs, dishes, lists of “to-do’s”. I know I can get very “nutted-up” amidst all the demands and get just a tad cranky by 8:00 pm. What I’m learning is that in between all of the “have-to’s” are the “get to’s” and getting to laugh out loud with my daughter might just be the most important thing I did all week!


2 thoughts on “>I Can Still Cat Walk

  1. >so true, i'm becoming such a crab lately…. by the way, amongst your beautiful outfits did there happen to be a purple and blue octopus pant suit. if so, i may lay claim to it some day……ask mom if she remembers it.

  2. >You know, we ought to dig through the closets at Christmas and do our own fashion show! That would be a riot! The cure for crabiness is play! I know when I'm dancing around (much to Kellen and Marina's horror), out with my girlfriends, or zipping around with your brother on our scooters, my whole brain chemistry changes. Download the song, "That's the Sound of Sunshine," by Michael Franti..guaranteed to make you dance and smile.

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