>Exciting Writing News from One Tired Mommy

>Okay, you asked, so I’ll tell. With a glass of water (how boring) by my side (it’s late…don’t want to get up thirty times tonight…sorry…TMI), I’ll share about my writing contest.

About four months ago, after much encouragement by my writing partner Christina Mercer, I entered a few writing contests. One involved my first novel, Out of Breath. At the beginning of July, I heard that I placed in the top twenty! Wait, it gets better: August first, I got the email telling me that I am in the top three! Sooo, on September 10th, I’ll fly, alone…let me repeat that for all of you who know me…ALONE, to New Mexico to the Southwest Writer’s Award Banquet and find out if my novel placed in third, second, or first. Best of all, agents and publishers will be standing by.

Now, pray for my success and pray for my nerves. Some Moms would be jumping for joy over staying away overnight. I, on the other hand, am not so brave (where’s my blankie? I could really use a transitional object.) Anyone want to join me? All expenses unpaid. Come on…I’m great company 🙂

That’s the scoop.

Mmmm, nothing beat a tall sip of Brita purified water….


4 thoughts on “>Exciting Writing News from One Tired Mommy

  1. >Congratulations Susan! Top 3 is amazing! You will be fine traveling solo.. you may even like it. I am sipping on coffee, answering emails and looking forward to your next post!

  2. >Susan, you know I traveled alone a lot! Make the best of it. Plan a pedicure at the hotel. Google the area ahead of time so you know what to do in your down time. Watch a movie that's "still in theaters." Sleep in. ENJOY! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the results!!!

  3. >Oh Lisa, you are good at self care. This has come slow to me over the years. Staying home full time with the kids has it's pluses and minuses. I have often dreamt of flying off to far away places like Iowa, Kansas, and New Mexico…okay, so they aren't that far away, but they are AWAY. Now that it's happening, I find myself getting settled, comfortable, dare I say, fearful of change. So, this is JUST what I need to shake me out of my comfort zone! I can't be old before my time. So, I will do something for me and savor the time away. Thanks for cheering me on!

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