>A nice cold Diet Coke and we’re off!

>I’m all set. I’m going to start a blog. Hmm…I’m kind of thirsty. Mid-90’s, too hot for PG Tips tea. Ohh…I think there’s a Diet Coke with my name on it. Okay, I’m back. And that’s about how it goes for me, the writer, to get focused on my writing. I need just the right atmosphere: quiet…I mean really quiet (i.e.: the children are in school), soft lighting, and something wonderful to sip.

Being a writer is a bit like being a baseball player. We’re full of rituals and have to perform our series of OCD behaviors before we sit down and pound out a page, chapter, or at least a few words. No, we don’t touch our hat brim fifty times or spit chew onto the ground (well, maybe you do…who am I to judge?), but we do like things to be just so.

This led me to my blog title: sip-n-share with Susan. Let me know what you’re drinking as you comment on life, your writing, the world. Maybe a cup of calming chamomile is in order after schleping the kids to school and soccer. Or a steaming cup of espresso after a long steamy night…now, now, don’t go there…it was hot, you pulled weeds until your back couldn’t move, and ended the night with a long, hot, steamy bath. Maybe you’re a night writer, sipping a smooth glass of Cabernet while you pound out your quips and gems. (I’ve found I need a heavy serving of “DELETE” after I’ve “Written-On-Wine.”)

Whatever  your choice of beverage, sit down with me, sip, and share what’s on your mind. What are you writing? What are you reading? What’s touching you (or making you crazy) in the world. I look forward to sipping and sharing with YOU!


7 thoughts on “>A nice cold Diet Coke and we’re off!

  1. >Welcome to the world of blogging!! I've posted your blog site on mine under "writing friends", such fun!I'm sipping iced tea with lots of lemon, yum!! Hot or cold, tea is my liquid muse ;-))You simply must post your Breaking News about the writing contest. Big Congrats are in order!

  2. >What's this? Writing contest? Congrats…do tell Susan! Oh, and your editing-happy friend, Lisa caught your first spelling error in the blog! Tell me what "you're" drinking…I'm starting my morning with a cup of hazelnut coffee and your blog! Love it already! Please don't kick me off for being a nit-picking Salluce!!!!

  3. >Congrats Susan on the contest and I hope it all goes well in September (sounds like it has already gone well, so I am hoping that trend continues!). As for a transitional blanket, I can highly recommend an analysis. It helps immensely with many life matters in many ways! Of course, I am relentlessly self-promoting my line of work. Hope you and everyone in your family is well! miss you! D.P.S. — if you or anyone on this blog can tell me how to resize my photo I would appreciate it — the instructions said to "grab the handle" to resize — god knows what that means — I would like to make the original photo smaller, so it would fit in the itsy bitsy square allowed on this blogspot. Thanks!

  4. >Hey Debra, great to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback. Analysis, huh? Do I really want to know what lurks in the corners of my mind? I seem to catch glimpses of it as I write. Regarding blogging tech: it is truly amazing that I even now how to cut and paste a document, let alone start a blog. I'm what you would call, "Low-tech." However, I'm teachable. Good luck with the photo cutting. I just got the cutest business cards on VistaPrint and was able to add my picture. I'll send you one :)I'll be posting clips from my first and second books in the days to come.Blessings! Miss you too!

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